Month: April 2015

Between Fantasy and Freedom

Selections explores the dream world of photographer Lara Zankoul   Lara Zankoul is one of those people who can immediately catch you off guard. When I tell her that her photographs remind me of scenes from a David Lynch film, she reveals that she isn’t familiar with his work, which is all the more remarkable when you […]

The Curious Issue #30

It’s so lovely to hear the birds singing in early spring. When I was living in Finland many years ago, this was the best time of the year when you could actually hear the trees blossom so intensely and watch them take shape as if by magic. In our Curious Issue, made possible by the […]

Two Views from the Other Side of the Lens

Whether profession or passion, art spurs an  unwavering thirst for endless research and subsequent  discoveries, each of them amplifying the yearning for  further finds. Tarek Nahas and Jean-Luc Monterosso share just such a sweet obsession, at whose core is an eagerness to shed light on the diversity of artistic approaches and messages seen across the […]

A Polyphonous Ode to Photography

Recent exhibition Open Rhapsody brought diverse visions to Beirut   An eel wriggles frantically in a tank lined with a  shallow layer of water, which leaves the creature’s  back and head exposed. Above it, an impossible sculpture is formed by an explosion of water, which appears frozen in midair, as though displaced by something heavy and […]

In Conversation with Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, a respected commentator on Arab affairs, is also the founder of the Sharjah-based Barjeel Art Foundation, an organisation that seeks to promote art from across the Arab world   Zoltán Somhegyi: The Barjeel Art Foundation  has a really significant and extensive collection of contemporary art from the MENASA region — extensive […]

Archaeology of the Future – Now

Through hand-coloured gelatin prints Mohammed Alkouh presents the early modern architecture of Kuwait City as future monuments for a distant past     “The shocking contrast between Alkouh’s coloured prints and the state of the buildings today – some of them already demolished – is a visual document that links different eras in a continuous flow.” […]

A Man for all Seasons

The work of Emirati artist Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim is rooted in the geography of Khorfakkan   As a land artist, Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim is deeply grounded in the geography of his native Khorfakkan, a mountainous coastal region that is part of the emirate of Sharjah. His home is the constant, silent subject in every work he conceives, a practice that grows […]