Month: September 2015

Colour and Material

Selections explores 11 contemporary artists’ creative approaches to colour and material in a special series curated by Valerie Reinhold “After our trip to Venice, I asked you what you would remember. Do you recall what you said to me then?” My grandfather often has unusual questions: twenty years have passed and his memory is clearly […]


It felt such a privilege to land in Venice for the opening of the Biennale, and to find myself walking through the city’s ancient streets following the many arrows to discover a wealth of mesmerizing artistic treasures all around me. The diverse art installations, locations and surroundings combined to create a true tour de force […]

The Dangerous Book

  Hadieh Shafie tells Selections the story that lies behind her secretive sculptures Hadieh Shafie rolls her words and wishes up in tightly bound cocoons of painted paper that form a hybrid of ancient scroll, art book and contemporary sculpture. Her work, which can be found in the collections of institutions including the Metropolitan Museum […]

Immortalising Al-Mutanabbi Street

  American poet and bookseller Beau Beausoleil has amassed a vast collection of original artwork in the service of celebrating the literary heart of Iraq Beau Beausoleil has never been to Baghdad, but for the past eight years the American bookseller and poet has spent his days mentally wandering Al-Mutanabbi Street. Named after the 10th […]

Radical Wrapping

The Floating Piers, a new work by longstanding installation artist Christo, continues the Italian Lakes’ association with romantic statements and progressive perspectives Vintage speedboats and retro Prada tea dresses; the locked up villas of Europe’s old families hidden among the trees and the white-tipped Swiss Alps suggested on the skyline – the Italian Lakes have […]