Month: October 2015

Sombre Stories

Syria Young Syrian painter Noor Bahjat allows images to form spontaneously on the canvas When Noor Bahjat approaches the canvas, she makes a point of not knowing what or who it is that will emerge once her paintbrush finds its path. This freedom might, in part, be attributed to her youth (she was born in […]

Existence in Exile

Beirut Iraqi artist Ahmed Al Bahrani’s solo show at Artspace Hamra explores the perennial themes of war, exile and survival against the odds A poignant message adorns the bronze sculpture of a thin foam mattress, folded in half and tied by a rope: “This is not a mattress. This is my family.” The piece reflects […]

Colour Studies

Dubai Colleen Quigley pairs Islamic design with unexpected materials at Dubai’s XVA Gallery Colleen Quigley’s solo show Searching for Optical Wonder at XVA Gallery in Dubai presents an uncommon marriage of classical geometric patterns and techniques from 16th to 21st century Islamic design and contemporary materials, including laser-cut acrylic plexiglass and various mirrored surfaces. Quigley, […]


For its 32nd edition, Selections magazine is delving into the world of colour. Since it is such an inherent component of an artist’s consciousness and, perhaps more importantly, his or her unconscious experience, we invited a diverse body of artists from very different backgrounds to share with us how they employ colour and how they […]