Month: February 2016

Guardians of the Mangroves

Mangroves from the Water is to be the first show at Thejamjar’s new Alserkal Avenue space this March 8th.  Twelve artists will examine the delicacy of these botanical wonderlands, spread along the UAE’s coastline. Sculptural pieces are the mainstay, some with fibres from the mangroves themselves spun into yarn. Striking site-specific works have been documented […]

From Land to A.i.R.

“It’s a negotiation with the land.” So said Moza Almatrooshi as she spoke with Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim at Alserkal Avenue’s A4 space last Saturday night as part of Artists-in-Residency (A.i.R.) Dubai. Both Emiratis discussed the term land art, and contrasted their different ways of interacting with their surroundings – Ibrahim through his direct intervention, and […]

Ai Weiwei meets Andy Warhol

Selections sits down with Ai Weiwei to discuss art, activism and Andy Warhol Not all the credit can go to Andy Warhol, of course. But Ai Weiwei certainly owes him a debt of thanks. Then again, go one step back beyond Warhol and you’ll find Marcel Duchamp, whose readymades gave Warhol the proverbial green light […]

Magical Moments

A reprint of iconic children’s book East of the Sun and West of the Moon restores Danish artist Kay Nielsen’s stunning illustrations to their original splendour Every adult remembers the fairy tales they heard as a child, filled with acts of awe-inspiring or terrifying magic, weird and wonderful creatures, mythical heroes and beautiful princesses. Even […]

The Armory show 2016

Throughout the centuries, The United States has forgone a significant journey imprinted with illuminating external Influences. In today’s Western World, the “African Perspective” manifests mainly through the channel of Culture. In fact, in March of 2016, New York City is about to witness a significant manifestation of the sort. This Year, the Armory show lends […]

In the library with Marwan Rechmaoui

Lebanese sculptor and installation artist Marwan Rechmaoui discusses his relationship to books, his act of censorship in the Istanbul Modern library and why history stimulates his imagination Books play an intrinsic role in the work of sculptor and installation artist Marwan Rechmaoui, perhaps never more so than in his installation as part of the 2015 […]

The Art of High Fashion

A new show examines the impact of Italy’s postwar fashion industry on art, architecture, photography, theatre and cinema Italian labels hold a special place in every fashionista’s heart. Brands like Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Emilio Pucci and others seem to embody the dazzling creativity of the contemporary fashion scene. Around the globe, the […]

Jameel Prize

Jameel Prize 4 is the V&A’s bi-annual, £25,000 international art prize for artists and designers inspired by Islamic traditions of craft and design. Eleven artists and designers have been shortlisted this year with work ranging from sound and film art to minimalist sculpture and delicate paper collage. The exhibition will open at the Pera Museum […]

Selections Art Collection

Selections’ commitment to covering the arts initiative This project was born to capture today’s artistic movement in the region. We have selected emerging and established artists from different countries in the region, all expressing their thoughts in their own style on a common sized 20 x 20 cm canvas. The project was exhibited for the […]

Five minutes with Richard Hutten

The prolific Dutch designer shares his conception of art, his must-have qualities and the ingredients that make a dream commission Richard Hutten is one of the most influential characters on the international design scene. Born in 1967, he graduated from the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven in 1991; the same year he started his […]