Month: August 2016

Urban art issue – Unusual Media

Robbie Rowlands Melbourne-based artist Robbie Rowlands creates surreal segmented sculptures and installations that take everyday street furniture and transform it into something new and surprising. Street signs loll at the end of their poles, which are sliced into pieces and put back together, upending the world we take for granted and forcing us to reassess […]

The Street As A Studio

Iranian photographer Kamran Heidari documents the historic graffiti of Shiraz in his urban portraits Kamran Heidari often strolls through Shiraz, camera in hand. It leads him to fortuitous encounters, with both the city’s architecture and its inhabitants – two elements that the Iranian filmmaker and photographer combines to produce compelling images that document the city’s […]

Guiding Light

Spanish collective Luzinterruptus uses installations made of light to raise environmental awareness Through public interventions created mainly in their native Spain, the collective Luzinterruptus uses light as a material, creating elaborate installations that draw attention to environmental issues insufficiently addressed by society. Since 2008, these anonymous activists have chosen plastic as a symbol for the […]

Changing Americas

Take a look at Danny Lyon’s photographic legacy Danny Lyon, who turns 74 this year, remains one of America’s most important photographers. In the 1960s, he was a pioneer of street photography, distinguishing himself from his peers by the palpable connection he established with his subjects. Looking at one of his photographs is akin to […]

Jeremiah Quarshie opens in Ghana

“Yellow is the Colour of Water” is the solo exhibition of artist Jeremiah Quarshie that opens this week in Accra at Gallery 1957. Quarshie’s “Yellow is the Colour of Water” series collects portraits of beauty queens, businesswomen, and labourers, who sit atop arrangements of these ubiquitous yellow containers among plain black backgrounds. These “intricately detailed” […]

Urban art issue – Districts

Djerbahood The village of Erriadh on the island of Djerba, Tunisia, is an unlikely home to some of the world’s best street art. In the summer of 2014, gallerist Mehdi Ben Cheikh invited 150 street artists from 30 countries to decorate the walls of the village, where Muslims, Christians and Jews have lived in peace […]

Miami’s Wondrous Wynwood

Since 2009, when an enterprising developer invited street artists to decorate Miami’s derelict warehouse district, Wynwood has transformed into one of the city’s trendiest destinations When developer Tony Goldman created Wynwood Walls back in 2009, he proved to be a visionary – in just a few years, his street art concept literally exploded, spurring the […]

Perception Changes

French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed discusses his Cairo masterpiece Dubai-based French-Tunisian calligraffiti artist eL Seed spent a year working on his mammoth project Perception in the Zaraeeb community of Cairo. The locals, known as the garbage people, run one of the most effective citizen-led recycling outfits in the world, yet they struggle to be endorsed. […]

On the streets of Buenos Aires

Argentina’s modern history and current political situation, along with a lax police attitude towards graffiti, have seen street art proliferate in recent years Every culture has its genius. Porteños – natives of Buenos Aires natives – have several, among them a gift for passionate friendship, the rituals of tango and, in the 21st century, a […]

Urban art issue – urban interventions

SpY SpY has been working as a street artist since the mid-1980s, creating funny, though-provoking interventions. Beginning as a graffiti artist, SpY soon began creating installations, using everyday objects to surprise and engage the urban public. Pairing wry humour with commentary on life in the modern city, he creates site-specific, non-invasive installations that seek to […]