Month: October 2016

Global Grad Show Gathers Student Innovators to Exhibit Unique Designs

Global Grad Show is part of the Dubai Design Week happening at Building 6 of Dubai Design District (d3) on 24-29 October 2016. Unprecedented 145 projects from 50 universities take the limelight this year.

Abwab Exhibit Returns to Dubai Design Week Under “The Human Senses” Theme

Abwab is one of six major art and design initiatives running during Dubai Design Week (24-29 October). This year’s theme invited designers to produce work inspired by “The Human Senses”.

Photographing the Past, Anticipating the Future

French artist Emeric Lhuisset’s latest project uses the ruins of an ancient Mesopotamian city to warn of the potential for a water war in Iraq’s future In southern Iraq, in the modern-day Dhi Qar Governorate, is an archaeological site that dates back almost 8000 years. The ancient city of Girsu was once among the biggest […]

Forging Connections

Linda Komaroff, curator of Islamic Art at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, shares her personal thoughts on 12 pieces from the museum’s collection Much has been written, and many words spoken, about the significance of Islamic art in today’s world. A little over ten years ago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s curator […]

Across the Continents

Dana Farouki’s eclectic art collection reflects her love of East and West Dana Farouki seems to embody the 21st century’s global citizen. Born and raised in Washington DC, of Palestinian descent, and now splitting her time between New York and Dubai, Farouki captures the essence of both East and West, not just in her private […]

Sculptural Wonders in a Southern Garden

New Orleans has long been a favorite with American as well as world travelers. For decades, people have come from far and wide to uncover the charms of this most intriguing of US cities. Attractions in New Orleans certainly abound: the enduring allure of voodoo, the Creole beauty of the Vieux Carré (French Quarter), the […]

Kader Attia’s Year

Artist Kader Attia was just awarded the prestigious Prix Marcel Duchamp for 2016. The Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Association pour la Diffusion Internationale de l’Art Français chose Attia over three other nominees: Yto Barrada, Ulla von Brandenburg and Barthélémy Toguo. Born in France, and raised between France and Algeria, Attia has long been […]

One to Watch: Hana Al-Saadi

“I’m more interested in sculpture than any other media. I feel I’m more engaged with the art piece when I’m making a sculpture. I usually use construction materials for my sculptures. I want my art pieces to be for future generations. I don’t know how long Qatar’s construction development will last, but I know it […]

Better By Design

This October, Dubai continues its bid to become a global design hub with the second edition of Dubai Design Week With over 100 events taking place over six days, it will take a time machine to absorb all that this year’s Dubai Design Week has to offer. New design district d3 is again the main […]

Curving Enthusiasm

Sumptuous curves define Richard Hudson’s oeuvre, from familiar bodily shapes to abstract contortions. Leila Heller Gallery is hosting his first solo show in Dubai until November 7th, with versions of his signature heart and teardrop works present. Everything radiates from a two-metre LOVE ME (2016) in mirrored steel. His latest foray, however, is into an […]