Month: January 2017

Remembering Saloua Raouda Choucair

Lebanon’s first and most celebrated abstract artist passed away on January 27 at the age of 100. Saloua Raouda Choucair, who pioneered Arab abstract art, leaves behind a prolific body of work that includes painting, drawing, architecture, textiles, jewelry and sculpture. Dubbed “Lebanon’s Lost Modernist” by the Wall Street Journal, Choucair was a luminary on […]

Designing and Dining in Istanbul

Sanayi 313 is a gallery space, bespoke design shop, interior architects’ studio and restaurant, all rolled into one welcoming location Brothers Enis and Amir Karavil studied together in Massachusetts, Enis specialising in interior architecture and Amir in entrepreneurship and the family business of automotive and construction chemicals. Back in their native Turkey, the duo decided […]

Rising from the Ashes

The National Museum of Beirut basement boasts a stunning collection of funerary art, a must-visit during the rainy winter months The National Museum of Beirut marked a significant milestone back in October, when it opened its basement level to the public for the first time in over 40 years. The beautifully restored space now houses […]

A Timeline in Art Form

When Rome’s Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea reopened in October, after months of partial closure due to renovation and reorganization, the venerable institution did so with a bang: It unveiled “Time is Out of Joint,” a powerful exhibit that features major modern and contemporary artworks from various eras. The strength of the exhibit lies […]

Safwan Dahoul Explores Desire and the Subconscious Mind at Ayyam Gallery

One of the most well known and revered poets of the Arab world, Nizar Qabbani, once wrote that “days will pass, you’ll abandon things you were addicted to, leave someone, cancel a dream, and finally, accept reality.” Qabbani’s insightful words offer timeless advice to lustful dreamers awakened to the subconscious. In believing it was only […]

Art of Living

Intended to launch a calendar year of events that culminates with Frieze in October, this year’s London Art Fair has invited over a hundred and twenty exhibitors to satisfy an art savvy audience’s appetite for modern and contemporary artworks. Modest in scale, the fair is in some ways a more amenable adventure for those acquiring […]

Kamal Boullata’s Latest Exhibition at Meem Gallery Begs to Be Understood Metaphorically

In Meem Gallery’s latest solo-exhibition of Berlin-based Palestinian artist Kamal Boullata, recent watercolors are displayed alongside older workers from the artists’ oeuvre. Born in 1942, Boullata gained cultural currency all across the Arab world for creating works that fuse Arabic words, calligraphy and struggles for Palestinian recognition and identity. As a Fulbright Scholar in the […]

Scaling Southeast Asian Contemporary Art at the Singapore Biennale

One of Southeast Asia’s most exciting and increasingly important exhibitions of contemporary art, the Singapore Biennale, opened to the public this past October with a sprawling program spread across seven locations. Now in it’s fifth edition, the latest variation of the Biennale is entitled An Atlas of Mirrors, bringing together 63 artists and collectives from […]

Wael Shawky’s Italian Trio

Egyptian artist Wael Shawky is taking over Italy this winter with three distinct yet complementary solo exhibitions scattered across the country. A retrospective of work by Shawky at Castello di Rivoli until February 5 features sculptures, films, photographs and new wooden high-relief works, all part of his Cabaret Crusades series exploring the Crusades through Arab […]

Propelling Through Bernhard Buhmann’s “Modern Times” at Carbon 12

Bernhard Buhmann’s latest solo exhibition, Modern Times, at Carbon 12, is just the latest in a series of exciting new winter exhibitions in Dubai. The exhibition’s title, referencing Charlie Chaplin’s famous film of the same name, comes at a particularly timely moment nearly a century after the masterpiece of cinema was debuted in the 1930s. […]