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The One to Watch Issue #40

Selections welcomes the year 2017 with the “One to Watch” issue.

This special edition owes its unique merit to the enthusiastic participation of prominent collectors Amer Huneidi, Abraham Karabajakian, Bassel Dalloul, Eid Samawi, Mohamed Afkhami and Qaswara Hafez. Each collector has singled out artists from the region that they believe are particularly worthy of recognition.

Not only does featured artist Ginane Makki Bacho have a lot to say about her life lived in the perils of war, but she has forged, with her two bare hands, a massive convoy of army tanks, refugee boats and military-inspired sculptures in metal that evoke the weight of her experience. Also in this issue, British sculptor Tony Cragg tells us why he believes that sculpture is a vital science. His colourful pieces in metal, wood and glass seem to contain the very essence of movement.

Moving across to Germany, Selections focuses on Berlin’s Feuerle and Boros collections. Constructed within the walls of concrete bunkers dating back to World War II, these spaces have been reinvented to accommodate ancient, modern and contemporary artworks.
Questions are raised surrounding definitions of public and private as spaces once used for shelter are now used for viewing art.

Sharjah-based writer and art collector Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi tells us about his favourite books and shares his writing habits, while tackling the issue of propaganda. He explains how culture acts as a safeguard against the media’s rigid values.

For House of Today’s third biannual design exhibition, 23 designers were called upon to respond to the phrase Jungle Protocol. How do all the different species in the wild coexist? The outcome of this show is uncanny and unexpected. Industrial designer and Selection’s managing editor Anastasia Nysten took part in the show and introduces the ideas behind her
Cloak Chair.

This issue ends on a strong note with a contribution from Edward Gibbs, chairman of Sotheby’s Middle East and India. His outstanding selection of 11 artworks reveals his passion for the Renaissance, the Romantic movement, Persian manuscript painting and the art of the Mughal court. The “One to Watch” issue brings us into the new year with missionary zeal and unbridled enthusiasm for art and culture. We hope you feel the same as we do.

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