Month: July 2017

Chris Ofili | Weaving Magic

There is a touch of Tropicália, the Brazilian movement encompassing theatre, music, poetry and popular culture evident in Turner-Prize winner, Chris Ofili’s new exhibition – Weaving Magic at National Gallery, London. The display brings together a large tapestry titled The Caged Bird’s Song, an Ofili’s painting turned into a woven mural flanked by a frieze of dancers by […]

Living histories | Recent acquisitions of works on paper by contemporary Arab artists

The British Museum London is currently exhibiting recent acquisitions by mostly Syrian artists following the 2011 uprisings that led to a sustained Civil War. Works on display are in a variety of media put predominantly works on paper that includes: posters, artist’s books, prints, drawings and photographs, the medium used perhaps pertinent to an immediacy […]

The End of Utopia | Palazzo Flangini

As an in-depth observation of mankind’s intervention on our planet, American artists Jacob Hashimoto and Emil Lukas were invited by Studio La Citta Gallery to intervene at the Palazzo Flangini in a show called The End of Utopia. It seems peculiar that this is the subject of the 57th Venice Biennale’s main exhibition VIVA ARTE […]

Japanese Pavilion | Takahiro Iwasaki

Entitled Turned Upside Down, It’s a Forest, Takahiro Iwasaki’s solo show at the Japanese Pavilion is inspired by an old saying that were Venice to be inverted it would be a forest, thanks to what is rumoured to be more than a million wooden stakes supporting it. The Hiroshima-based artist has created a series of […]

In the Library with Dia Azzawi

Iraqi pioneer Dia Azzawi explains why he loves the Epic of Gilgamesh and how his artist’s books complement rather than illustrate great works of literature Art and literature often go together, from great novels written about paintings — Tracy Chevalier’s Girl with the Pearl Earring, Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch — to great works of art […]

Challenging and revelatory | Allan Sekula in Beirut

Photography at work is arranged chronologically, but visitors to the Allan Sekula retrospective at the Beirut Art Center (BAC) may find that the most engaging portion of the show is its culmination. Born in 1951, Sekula was an American photographer, writer, filmmaker, theorist and critic. He passed away in 2013. Marie Muracciole, the BAC’s director […]

Reframing Super Dreams | Comic Icons in Egypt and Lebanon

Berlin — Arab Comics | 90 Years of Popular Visual Culture, put together by curators Mona Damluji and Nadim Damluji, represents a cross section of research in publishing houses in Egypt and Lebanon that shows the translation and proliferation of Western comics into the Arab world. Such publishing houses include Dar Al-Hilal (Egypt), which translated […]

Let Me Dance Tonight

When I handed my entrance ticket to the attendant at Paris’ Musée Galliera, she told me I could look at the outfits on display but not to touch them. She then sized me up and down and added: “And under no circumstances are you allowed to try on the dresses!” Once I entered the museum […]

Intuition Palazzo Fortuny

Opening with a series of Neolithic carved stones, standing in a dimly lit setting, Palazzo Fortuny’s intuition-themed exhibition encourages viewers to connect the world of the past and present — a sentiment that seems to be the running theme at the Venice Biennale. Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, on an instinctive level, […]

A Century of Kuwaiti Creativity

Kuwait’s little-known Modern Art Museum showcases a unique, albeit neglected, collection Located in the Sharq district of Kuwait, a short distance from Arabian Gulf Road, the Modern Art Museum of Kuwait is dedicated to exhibiting and preserving the work of the country’s pioneering figures in the art of the last century. The humble museum, which […]