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What to expect at the Saudi Design Week 2017

Date: October 5-8, 2017
Location: APEX Convention Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Oasis Magazine and the Saudi Design Week team are launching their fourth annual design event devoted to exhibiting innovative product design, and supporting national and international designers. It brings the masters in the creative industries together with emerging talents, giving them a communal space to share in their common passion as one community.

This year’s theme explores the concept of “Design in Motion”. Designers will study that sense of motion figuratively by showcasing the stories behind their products as they move from sketch to shelf, or seek a more literal understanding by exploring the intersection of design and sports, and even motion in design through multiple dimensions such as time.

Featured image: Coalesce Design Studio, Antidote art and design.

Special Projects:
Black Diamond is a design installation by BIA design studio seeking to unify the event’s identity with that of the venue’s (KAPSARC) as well as its architect’s, the late Zaha Hadid.
DESIGNxUS by Shepherd Design Studio is considered a response to local architecture by presenting spatial configurations that synthesize local polychrome frescos and dynamism of space.

List of Exhibitors:

Halla bint Khalid
Eman Joharjy, powered by GSA
Paper by Serene Kanaan for Papermoon
Baraah Alluhaidan, powered by GSA
Motiv Activewear, powered by GSA
Asic, powered by GSA
Ottobock, powered by GSA
Nike, powered by GSA
Geist, powered by GSA
Hashilus, powered by GSA
Be the Hero, powered by GSA
Once Upon A Chair
Tima, powered by GSA
Dr3 Sports, powered by GSA
Black Diamond by BIA
DesignNxUs by Shepherd Studio
A_ghuph studio
Shaiby Ahmad Angawi
Antidote Art & Design
ASI Design Studio
Sadu Design House
Saccal Design House
Sense of Space
Rawan Maki
Product Care
Noura Bouzo
Mohanned Mohammed Iskanderani
Mint Design Studio
Masbak Art Foundry
Makan By The Old Castle Design
Lina Saleh
Lamb & Lu
Karkashan Design
Herfah by Naeema
Hajer Ghani Jewelry
General Sports Authority
Aura Living
AYA The Art of Living
Urban Designs

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