Month: October 2017

Why Are We Here Now | Aleppo. A portrait of Absence

BERLIN—The auditorium is pitch black before the light comes in as if demarcating an abstract horizon line. Then a voice punctuates the silence; it sounds vaguely British, male, perhaps white—mature. He is speaking about Aleppo, memory, and forgetting, and yet this is not a Milan Kundera novel, the Czech novelist who wrote stories by the […]

New Date, Director and Galleries Reinvigorate Contemporary Istanbul in Art Fair’s 12th Year

Istanbul — Glossy, hyper-real street scenes, phantasmagorical portraits, neon-infused installations and large-scale metal sculptures were among the big, bold works featured at the 12th Contemporary Istanbul as the art fair sought to return with a splash after a difficult year for Turkey in 2016. New Contemporary Istanbul director Kamiar Maleki, a well-known London-based collector, brought […]

Frieze London | A review of Special Projects

In the first week of October every year, the global art world descends on London’s Regent’s Park for five days of the best showing of modern and contemporary art for Frieze London & Frieze Masters. This event brings together over 160 galleries presenting an array of artworks by artists across generations, genres and of every […]

Hanaa Malallah on equality, male mentors and Iraq from the outside

On identity, Iraq and individuality Nada Shabout interviews Hanaa Malallah There is no doubt that, at best, the notion of identity at large is fraught with various challenges and complications. Yet history has shown us that humanity is not capable of surpassing it because of the need to belong and identify. At the moment, to claim […]

Roshanak Aminelahi | Gordafarid

Best of Dubai | Selections explores the most interesting and inspiring exhibitions set to grace Dubai’s galleries this autumn Roshanak Aminelahi | Gordafarid Ayyam Gallery September 13 to October 28 We all need something to inspire us. For Roshanak Aminelahi, an Iranian artist who has lived and worked in Dubai for over a decade, that […]

Good Face and Incurable Flaws | Carbon 12

Best of Dubai Selections explores the most interesting and inspiring exhibitions set to grace Dubai’s galleries this autumn Good Face and Incurable Flaws Carbon 12 September 13 to October 31 Throughout history, artists have wrestled with the challenging task of representing a sitter: not just reproducing their physical attributes but giving an impression of their […]

The Mind’s Treasures

Expert on modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art Hala Khayat shares a selection of her favourite artworks with Selections and reflects on how and why certain works have taken root in her memory As an art specialist, I curate auctions with one mission: to present Middle Eastern art that is rare, hard to find and […]

Ramin Haerizadeh | Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde

Best of Dubai Selections explores the most interesting and inspiring exhibitions set to grace Dubai’s galleries this autumn Ramin Haerizadeh To Be or Not To Be, That Is the Question. And Though, It Troubles the Digestion* Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde September 13 to November 2 It’s unfair to say that it feels strange to […]

After the Wildly Improbable

Symposium After the Wildly Improbable excavates a Rail Line Meant to Connect Berlin and Baghdad Berlin—After the Wildly Improbable was a symposium curated by writer Adania Shibli under the framework of the larger series of programing Why are we here now? The program, taking place at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt from mid-September to October was […]

Portrait of a Nation

Contemporary Art from the United Arab Emirates featuring works from the ADMAF Art Collection For six weeks in Berlin, 50 contemporary artists from the UAE take over the main gallery spaces of me Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung Olbricht (Olbricht Foundation) for Portrait of a Nation. This new survey of artists from one of the […]