Month: December 2017

Tasveer on Anwar | My father’s intensity, identity and spirituality

Although I’m not an artist, I had my 15 minutes of fame in 1966, when I was six years old and won a Blue Peter competition for the first Royal Mail Christmas stamp in the UK. Because my parents were artists, I had access to the most beautiful materials and created an ink painting. The […]

Abdulraheem on Hassan | My brother, my friend, my teacher

Hassan was my friend more than my younger brother. We shared everything, told each other everything, we never kept secrets from each other. We respected each other’s opinions; of course, we had different opinions, but at the end of the day, we stuck together. I felt he was unique from when he was about 10 […]

A genetic exploration | Shahpour Pouyan

Shahpour Pouyan is inspired by the discovery of a diverse DNA in his latest Dubai exhibition The central display in Shahpour Pouyan’s latest exhibition is essentially a self-portrait, or, as the artist prefers to describe it, “a post-modern statement of myself”. Fuelled by a feeling that his ancestry held some secrets, the Iranian-born Pouyan took his […]

Enemy of the people | Faisal Samra

Multidisciplinary artist Faisal Samra talks to Selections about his decision to revive his Distorted Reality show in Dubai Distorted Reality, the name of your current solo show at Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, sounds familiar… Yes, it’s actually an older project that was first exhibited in 2007 and then travelled around the globe, where it received a […]

The Bilge Collection | Building on a legacy

Bold canvases cover Muhsin Bilge’s old notary office in central Istanbul; sculptures, abstract and realistic, crowd the desks, while a surfeit of paintings sits on the floor, stacked up against the walls “I think my father was a natural-born collector, very fond of beautiful things all his life,” says Aslı Bilge. “After he acquired his […]

The gallerist and collector | Vassili Tsarenkov

“I saw a gap in London for Middle Eastern and North African artists by which I don’t mean they weren’t being shown or represented, rather that given the strong links between the region and the city, their visibility was limited,” Vassili Tsarenkov, London-based art dealer, collector and co-founder of Sophia Contemporary Gallery explained. The gallery […]

The Power of the Pen | Selections issue #43

Ranging from declarations of love and outpourings of grief to observations on sales, or the lack of them, our collection of letters from and to artists offers a rare and fascinating glimpse into the private world of a creative force While artists will always express themselves first and foremost through their work, what they say […]

On art, identity and labels | Selections issue #42

In a special section dedicated to women artists, Mona Khazindar, Nada Shabout and Nayla Tamraz speak with nine talented artists about life, work, equality and identity In the 1980s, the Guerrilla Girls began wheat-pasting provocative posters around New York. Fact-based and enlivened by a wicked sense of humour, their research highlighted inequalities between male and […]

One to Watch | Selections issue #40

Six prominent collectors of art from the Middle East and North Africa sat down with Selections to share their pick of 10 regional artists to watch For this special One to Watch issue, Selections reached out to six prominent collectors focusing on art from the Middle East and North Africa to ask them for their […]

Selections’ picks for the 57th Venice Biennale | Issue #41

Selections takes a look at this year’s highlights at the matchless Venice Biennale (links to each pavilion at the bottom of the page) Over more than a century, the Venice Biennale has firmly established itself as one of the most prestigious cultural events in the world. The Biennale dates back to 1895, when the first […]