Author: Anna Seaman

Without Prejudice

At the 2017 Istanbul Biennial, Mahmoud Khaled proposed a future in which private actions are protected from public scrutiny. The day after Mahmoud Khaled left Istanbul following the unveiling of his new commission at this year’s biennial, he saw the news that police in Cairo had arrested seven concert-goers for raising a rainbow flag during […]

Digital Culture Column

Can a virtual gallery space ever replace a physical one? Will people soon be buying art through facial recognition and Apple Pay? In the first of a diary-style online series, Anna Seaman discusses the impact of digital culture with regional galleries. Last year, I moderated a discussion about the impact the internet has had on […]

An Alternative Alexandria

Ahmed Morsi’s lifelong poem to his home city is translated through dream-like paintings of myth and mystery. “I wished I could meet you one day in Cavafy’s Alexandria. But that Alexandria is no more, Vanished in the dust of history…” Ahmed Morsi. A Prelude to Meeting Niffari, 1997. Ahmed Morsi’s poetry fills a weighty 1000-page […]

The Louvre Abu Dhabi | Experts React

With the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration now over, Selections asked regional art professionals to give us their views on one of the most high-profile museums to open its doors in recent years After almost a week of official activities, led by speeches from the President of France Emmanuel Macron and the UAE’s leaders, […]

All things being equal | Hassan Sharif

Sharjah | Hassan Sharif’s landmark retrospective explores his incredible life and career In July 1989, during one of the regular comment pieces that he used to write for many of the UAE’s national newspapers, Hassan Sharif coined the phrase that would come to summarise his practice almost 30 years later. “I am the single work […]

All the Letters in All the Stars | Timo Nasseri

All the Letters in All the Stars is Timo Nasseri’s first solo show in the Middle East. In it he fuses philosophy, quantum mechanics, calligraphic precision and a romantic conclusion to an ancient story. Timo Nasseri’s Unknown Letters (2015) are a fantasy but couched in reality. He uses the actual historical account of Ibn Muqla […]

Under the roof of the sky | Exploring the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Much has been written about the architectural details of the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s magnificent domed roof. With a circumference of 565 metres, and made of 7850 aluminium stars crafted to precise specifications and arranged over eight layers, the vast architectural masterpiece is a porous, yet protective umbrella that filters sunlight so that a rain of […]