Author: Anya Stafford

Life in Urban Arabia | Through a Lens

In its fifth edition, Vantage Point Sharjah extends its sights far beyond its beginnings It’s incredible to consider Vantage Point is only 5. While the show has grown in terms of how many photographs it exhibits, the maturation has been exponential since 2013. What started as an open call for Sharjah-based photographs now consists of […]

Tasting the Difference

Sharjah Biennial 13’s odyssey comes to an end with a culinary weekend and two exhibitions in Beirut This year’s Sharjah Biennial (SB13) has a new layer of outreach: far beyond the sands of the emirate to Dakar, Ramallah, Istanbul and Beirut. Curator Christine Tohme is the founding director of Beirut’s Ashkal Alwan, so it’s fitting […]

Arab Art and the Human Body

A group show featuring works from Sharjah’s Barjeel Art Foundation Collection explores desire, love and the human form Beloved Bodies II is entering its final month at Sharjah’s Maraya Arts Centre. Curated by Mandy Merzaban from the Barjeel Art Foundation, this show takes Roland Barthes term “beloved body” and looks at the object of a […]

Matter Out Of Place

Context is everything for Stephanie Neville and Jeff Scofield Is trash something else when it looks good? Can we elevate unwanted detritus to desirable fine art? Can we reframe natural/industrial hybrids to create lasting meaning? With their eco-assemblages, Stephanie Neville and Jeff Scofield pose these questions. Last night saw the opening of their two-person exhibition […]

Earthly Love

It is enthralling to hear an ancient love story regaled beside an Art Deco pool, like that of Villa Empain in Brussels. The Korean folk tale of the Princess reborn as a silkworm makes for an elegant introduction to Chun Kwang Young’s show, Aggregation, with this performance part of a series to accompany the exhibition, […]

Renovating by Decorating

The role of artwork in a dwelling place is revisited at the Boghossian Foundation’s Villa Empain in Brussels What happens when artists take their works off the plinth and back to pre-modern times, when art was part of the environment, rather than the stand-alone main attraction? Decor, at the Boghossian Foundation’s Villa Empain in Brussels, […]

Translating Nations

Enigmatic Eurasian collective Slavs and Tatars returns to Dubai with acclaimed exhibition Made in Germany A giant set of prayer beads hangs from the ceiling of Dubai’s Third Line Gallery. Unexpectedly, it makes for a very agreeable swing. But does it sit with you as comfortably? “A lot of our work, like in Sharjah or […]

More Than A Feeling

Raed Yassin’s current show mines the past through a variety of media. A Feeling In Perspective is a well-curated journey through a slice of the artist’s output of the past three years. Factory-produced silks are embroidered with everyman’s family memories in the series Dancing, Smoking, Kissing. The fragility of the material resembles Yassin’s memories from […]

Strangest Things

Arriving into Dubai’s Third Line this November you could be forgiven for thinking that you’ve wandered on to the set of HBO’s science fiction smash Stranger Things. Asymmetrical silhouettes and creepy shapes abound in the form of paintings and ghostly costumes, and it’s all thanks to Laleh Khorramain. Laleh works mostly through monotypes: she paints […]

Tracing Places

My place is the Placeless, my trace is the Traceless; ‘Tis neither body nor soul, for I belong to the soul of the Beloved. I have put duality away, I have seen that the two worlds are one; One I seek, One I know, One I see, One I call. Rumi’s poetry perfectly embodies the […]