Author: Dorian Batycka

History and Vision in Doha

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, founded in 2010, is located in a magnificently renovated former school building in Education City in Doha. In possession of over 9000 individual art-works, the museum is one of the most specialised of its kind, holding a consortium of im-portant pieces from the vast collection of Sheikh Hassan bin […]

Documenta 14 | Kassel

Documenta 14 Arrives in Kassel Amidst Speculation Over Its Indented Aims and Outcomes Kassel—As the centerpiece of Germany’s largest contemporary art exhibition, the city of Kassel this year brings together work by 160 artists from more than 50 countries, including a number of works by “artists who went through rather concrete experiences of displacement,” documenta […]

Controversy Erupts Over Documenta 14’s Arrival to Athens

Documenta is one of the largest and most eminent exhibitions of international contemporary art that since 1955 has taken place in Kassel, Germany, this year translocated to Athens, Greece, in a move that has been criticized by some and praised by others. Entitled Learning from Athens, Documenta 14 opened on April 6th, 2017, and will […]

Thaier Helal’s Perceptive Fields of Vision and Nature at Ayyam Gallery

In Landmarks II, the latest solo exhibition by Sharjah-based artist Thaier Helal a new series of works are shown at Ayyam Gallery’s DIFC location. These new works take as a point of depar-ture his earlier Mountain and River Series, continuing the artist’s interest in the natural envi-ronment. The colorful works use swathes of mostly blue […]

Safwan Dahoul Explores Desire and the Subconscious Mind at Ayyam Gallery

One of the most well known and revered poets of the Arab world, Nizar Qabbani, once wrote that “days will pass, you’ll abandon things you were addicted to, leave someone, cancel a dream, and finally, accept reality.” Qabbani’s insightful words offer timeless advice to lustful dreamers awakened to the subconscious. In believing it was only […]

Kamal Boullata’s Latest Exhibition at Meem Gallery Begs to Be Understood Metaphorically

In Meem Gallery’s latest solo-exhibition of Berlin-based Palestinian artist Kamal Boullata, recent watercolors are displayed alongside older workers from the artists’ oeuvre. Born in 1942, Boullata gained cultural currency all across the Arab world for creating works that fuse Arabic words, calligraphy and struggles for Palestinian recognition and identity. As a Fulbright Scholar in the […]

Scaling Southeast Asian Contemporary Art at the Singapore Biennale

One of Southeast Asia’s most exciting and increasingly important exhibitions of contemporary art, the Singapore Biennale, opened to the public this past October with a sprawling program spread across seven locations. Now in it’s fifth edition, the latest variation of the Biennale is entitled An Atlas of Mirrors, bringing together 63 artists and collectives from […]

Propelling Through Bernhard Buhmann’s “Modern Times” at Carbon 12

Bernhard Buhmann’s latest solo exhibition, Modern Times, at Carbon 12, is just the latest in a series of exciting new winter exhibitions in Dubai. The exhibition’s title, referencing Charlie Chaplin’s famous film of the same name, comes at a particularly timely moment nearly a century after the masterpiece of cinema was debuted in the 1930s. […]

Asad Faulwell Deconstructs Gender and Colonialism at Lawrie Shabibi

When the War of Algerian Independence broke out in 1954,  Muslim women eager to participate in the decolonization of their country joined the side of the National Liberation Front (FLN). Though often neglected, these women participated as active combatants in favour of Algerian independence and self-determination. In Asad Faulwell’s newest solo exhibition at Dubai’s Lawrie […]

Khaled Jarrar’s Provocative Artistic Interventions at Ayyam Gallery

“I woke up around 2 this morning to the deafening sound of soldiers in my neighborhood,” wrote Khaled Jarrar, Palestinian artist, shortly after the latest “Wave of Terror” erupted between Israel and Palestine in 2015. Castles Built from Sand will Fall, Jarrar’s latest solo exhibition at Ayyam Gallery’s Alserkal Avenue location, deconstructs and resists the […]