Author: India Stoughton

Lebanese pavilion | Zad Moultaka

In the Lebanese Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Zad Moultaka looks back 4000 years to reflect on the contemporary Near East and its idols Lebanon didn’t participate in the last edition of the Venice Biennale, but it makes a return this year with an ambitious pavilion that reflects not just on the history of Lebanon, […]

In the Library with Sheikh Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi

Sharjah-based writer and art collector Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi reveals a selection of his favourite books and talks about using culture to counter the shortcomings of mass and social media Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi is many things – columnist, social commentator, financial broker, art collector, founder of Sharjah-based Barjeel Art Foundation and prominent Twitter user, with a […]

Mirror of the Times

Egyptian artist Ibrahim El Dessouki creates detailed paintings of his native Egypt that reflect the changing zeitgeist Egyptian artist Ibrahim El Dessouki has mastered the art of patience. His incredibly detailed paintings and charcoal drawings can take up to a month to complete, each demonstrating painstaking attention to every tiny mark and line. As a […]

Not So Black and White

Syrian photographer Osama Esid challenges preconceptions with his hand-coloured analogue prints, which explore the complexities of everything from Orientalism, to the Syrian refugee crisis At first glance, it’s hard to tell what you’re looking at. Is it a photograph, a digital image or a hyper-realistic painting? Syrian artist Osama Esid takes black-and-white analogue photographs, producing […]

Intuitive Imager Maker

Lebanese artist Randa Mirza discusses photography, subconscious themes and why artistic collaborations are important Lebanese artist Randa Mirza was born in 1978 and lives between Beirut and Marseille. Having worked for many years as a photographer, exploring the space between reality and imagination, she has branched out in recent years, working in video, installation and […]

Transcending Reality

One to Watch Six prominent collectors of art from the Middle East and North Africa sat down with Selections to share their pick of 10 regional artists to watch For this special One to Watch issue, Selections reached out to six prominent collectors focusing on art from the Middle East and North Africa to ask […]

The Barbarity of Civilisation

Lebanese artist Ginane Makki Bacho uses a series of sculptures inspired by the brutality of ISIS to reflect on humanity’s innate thirst for violence, questioning what it truly means to be civilised Ginane Makki Bacho was welding together scrap metal to make a toy truck for her grandson when the idea for her next series […]

Şükran Moral on Overcoming Censorship

Turkish performance artist Şükran Moral explains how fear is the greatest threat to art and why collaboration is the key to overcoming it A veteran performance artist, outspoken feminist and courageous breaker of boundaries, Turkish artist Şükran Moral has spent decades creating challenging, controversial and progressive work with a powerful social message. Born in 1962, […]

Art in Support of Literature

An exhibition at the future home of the Lebanese National Library featured work by 55 local artists who were all inspired by the same book In 2010, the Lebanese Foundational for the National Library held an exhibition to raise awareness and funds for the ongoing rehabilitation of the library, which has been closed since its […]

In the Library with Joumana Haddad

Lebanese writer, journalist and activist Joumana Haddad tells Selections about the books that shaped her childhood and why a novel needs to grab her attention in the first 15 pages Joumana Haddad wrote her first poem at the age of 12, and she never looked back. Today the cultural editor of Lebanon’s Al-Nahar newspaper – […]