Author: Jennifer Hattam

The Bilge Collection | Building on a legacy

Bold canvases cover Muhsin Bilge’s old notary office in central Istanbul; sculptures, abstract and realistic, crowd the desks, while a surfeit of paintings sits on the floor, stacked up against the walls “I think my father was a natural-born collector, very fond of beautiful things all his life,” says Aslı Bilge. “After he acquired his […]

Beauty versus reality | Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei grapples with tradition and truth in Istanbul exhibition Rows and rows of black-and-white line drawings fill the tall walls of a high-ceilinged room at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum in Istanbul, surrounding towering stacks of Ming-style vases painted with similar images. Though the human figures in these works echo the style of those seen […]

New Date, Director and Galleries Reinvigorate Contemporary Istanbul in Art Fair’s 12th Year

Istanbul — Glossy, hyper-real street scenes, phantasmagorical portraits, neon-infused installations and large-scale metal sculptures were among the big, bold works featured at the 12th Contemporary Istanbul as the art fair sought to return with a splash after a difficult year for Turkey in 2016. New Contemporary Istanbul director Kamiar Maleki, a well-known London-based collector, brought […]