Author: Marina Iordan

The Street As A Studio

Iranian photographer Kamran Heidari documents the historic graffiti of Shiraz in his urban portraits Kamran Heidari often strolls through Shiraz, camera in hand. It leads him to fortuitous encounters, with both the city’s architecture and its inhabitants – two elements that the Iranian filmmaker and photographer combines to produce compelling images that document the city’s […]

Visual Feasts

Doha Influential Emirati artist Hassan Sharif’s solo show at Mathaf is a journey of rediscovery Despite being considered the father of conceptual art in the Gulf region, Hassan Sharif has on many occasions affirmed that his practice is neither minimalist nor conceptual and proceeded instead to define it as “an adventure [ during the course […]

In Conversation with Peter Zimmermann

The German painter talks medium, interactivity and unpredictability With the awareness that today’s reality can be adjusted to reflect what pleases the mind and the eye, a certain suspicion arises (or at least, it should) when it comes to overly polished visions. On-going since the 1990s, Peter Zimmermann’s iconic Blob paintings spur this need for […]

Two Views from the Other Side of the Lens

Whether profession or passion, art spurs an  unwavering thirst for endless research and subsequent  discoveries, each of them amplifying the yearning for  further finds. Tarek Nahas and Jean-Luc Monterosso share just such a sweet obsession, at whose core is an eagerness to shed light on the diversity of artistic approaches and messages seen across the […]