Author: Myrna Ayad

Tasveer on Anwar | My father’s intensity, identity and spirituality

Although I’m not an artist, I had my 15 minutes of fame in 1966, when I was six years old and won a Blue Peter competition for the first Royal Mail Christmas stamp in the UK. Because my parents were artists, I had access to the most beautiful materials and created an ink painting. The […]

Abdulraheem on Hassan | My brother, my friend, my teacher

Hassan was my friend more than my younger brother. We shared everything, told each other everything, we never kept secrets from each other. We respected each other’s opinions; of course, we had different opinions, but at the end of the day, we stuck together. I felt he was unique from when he was about 10 […]

My Mother, The Modernist

As part of Art Dubai’s Rewind series, Maneli Keykavoussi tells Myrna Ayad about the courage and conviction of her mother Farideh Lashai, a warrior who never compromised on her beliefs In 2013, Art Dubai’s Projects were dedicated to the memory of Iranian-born artist Farideh Lashai (1964-2013). Following major exhibitions at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary […]

My mother, who followed her dreams

Brigitte Caland reflects on the passion and sacrifice of her mother, Huguette Caland, whose relationship with art was always passionate, though not always easy. She spoke to Myrna Ayad as part of a series called Rewind, produced by Art Dubai, in which family members share their thoughts on the life and personality of a Modern […]