Author: Pascal Odille

An Eminent Collection

Born into a family of art-lovers and collectors, Basel Dalloul tells Selections how he began collecting at a young age, and why he doesn’t have a favourite artwork. Basel Dalloul, chairman and CEO of Noor Group, one of the world’s IT leaders and provider of internet and communication services to most countries around the globe, also has […]

Art in the City

Artist and architect Nadim Karam shares his thoughts on urban art, what he learned during a decade in Japan, and the story behind his new installation Shout and Silence, premiering at Art Dubai Pascal Odille: As an artist and an architect, you have considered at length the role that art can play in the city. […]


Art historian Pascal Odille and eight gallerists discuss the growth of the regional art market, the evolution of Art Dubai and the importance of international art fairs The rapid growth of art fairs over the past decade has changed the way art galleries operate. No longer are collectors expected to traipse around their local galleries […]

In Conversation with Marina Abramović

The prolific New York-based Serbian performance artist tells Pascal Odille why art should be accessible to everyone, how she’s creating an institute for immaterial forms of art, and what young artists can do to find their way Pascal Odille: For more than 10 years, you had an important relationship with Ulay. Which period of time […]