Author: Rima Nasser

Biennial & Museum Acquisitions issue

It has been a season rich in Biennales, collaborations with artists and mind-blowing exhibitions. Selections had a chance to talk to the amazing Samia Hababi in Dubai, where she told us all about her concurrent exhibitions at Ayyam Gallery. Halabi’s conversational prowess inspires a gleeful wish to memorise every word. My good friend Sadik Kwaish […]

The One to Watch Issue #40

Selections welcomes the year 2017 with the “One to Watch” issue. This special edition owes its unique merit to the enthusiastic participation of prominent collectors Amer Huneidi, Abraham Karabajakian, Bassel Dalloul, Eid Samawi, Mohamed Afkhami and Qaswara Hafez. Each collector has singled out artists from the region that they believe are particularly worthy of recognition. […]

The Collectors Issue #38

This 10-year anniversary issue is a celebratory one, in which we riff on the kinds of stories and ideas that intrigue us. We hope you will enjoy reading the issue as much as we did putting it together. We turn our lens on a few distinguished collectors, asking some of Selections’ writers to talk to them about their approaches to collecting and […]

The Creative Issue #36

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” Albert Einstein This spring, to mark the season of creativity and new beginnings, Selections invited Jean Boghossian and Ayman Baalbaki to work together. The resulting collaboration led to a stunning series of paintings blending the two artists’ distinctive approaches, from Boghossian’s burning of his canvasses to Baalbaki’s florally-inflected impressionist […]

The One – on – One issue #35

Someone recently described Selections as a “personal experience.” I had not thought of it that way before, but when I looked back at our 34 previous issues I realised how true this definition is. It is about where we go, the people we meet along the way and how their art makes us feel. This […]

A Week in Iran

Selections’ editor-in-chief Rima Nasser shares the highlights of an unforgettable trip to Iran One of the highlights of 2015 was the week I spent in Iran, where I was immersed into a world of ornate mosques and stunning palaces, breath-taking gardens and world-class art, some of it on show to the public for the first […]

Championing Creative Collaboration

The Rolex Arts Weekend in Mexico in early December celebrated the culmination of a philanthropic initiative that paired emerging and establish artists from around the world Creativity is the fruit of uncertainty — it may not be a conventional definition, but it’s an idea that caught the imagination of seven of the world’s most successful artists at […]


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and as we head into 2016 I want to send you heARTy New Year’s wishes from all of us at Selections. Last year came to an end with two major highlights, which we’re happy to share in this issue. The first was a week spent travelling […]


Pascal Odille, a very close friend, called me last month to tell me enthusiastically, “Rima, I have an interview with Marina Abramović for Selections.” As I waited impatiently to receive the article, I felt inspired to go back and watch a number of Marina’s works online. What I found was a true artist with the […]

Selections The Curious Issue #30

The Curious Issue #30

It’s so lovely to hear the birds singing in early spring. When I was living in Finland many years ago, this was the best time of the year when you could actually hear the trees blossom so intensely and watch them take shape as if by magic. In our Curious Issue, made possible by the […]