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Reinvented, explored, mimicked, transformed, copied, Antiquity remains a part of our daily lives. Is the history of Western Art an eternal return to classical antiquity? Modernity or Antiquity … The question remains open.

Painting With Light

Egyptian artist Khadiga El-Ghawas is the first light calligrapher in Egypt Khadiga El-Ghawas describes her work as a form of meditation, based on the slow, systematic movement of tai chi. The young Egyptian light calligrapher draws words in the air with light sticks, often working to music. Taken on a long, slow exposure, photographs of […]


Mark Hachem Gallery presents the exhibition “In Sospeso”, from May 26th to June 16th, gathering the work of two established Italian artists – the sculptor Stefano Bombardieri and the photographer Matteo Carassale. Two views on the contemporary world, which invite us to reflect upon the notion of time: a time that passes and the immediacy […]

Give Me Liberty, Give Me Love

Marwan Chamaa’s paintings are pure pop bliss There’s an infectious joie-de-vivre to each of Marwan Chamaa’s paintings. His exuberant, colourful brushstrokes channel the very best of pop art to create multi-panelled love stories inspired by comic books, tragic Arab songs and cities that have left an imprint on his soul, like New York and Beirut. […]

Unspeakable Acts

Iranian painter Ali Banisadr’s canvasses are at once compelling and unsettling, grabbing the viewer’s gaze and refusing to relinquish it Painted at a vertical angle, Iranian artist Ali Banisadr’s canvasses appear as aesthetic avalanches of accident and incident, in which fragmented figures are contoured into chaotic spaces, the tormented dreams of the artist’s imagination. Rich […]

A Week in Iran

Selections’ editor-in-chief Rima Nasser shares the highlights of an unforgettable trip to Iran One of the highlights of 2015 was the week I spent in Iran, where I was immersed into a world of ornate mosques and stunning palaces, breath-taking gardens and world-class art, some of it on show to the public for the first […]

Blurred Lines at the Istanbul Biennial

Istanbul Unusual venues and the pairing of science with art both challenged and rewarded viewers Seeing the works of all 80 artists represented at this year’s Istanbul Biennial required something akin to a scavenger hunt across the sprawling metropolis. The event’s three dozen venues were spread out over nearly 60 kilometres and ranged from traditional […]


Unrest | by Hasan and Husain Essop 16 November 2015 – 7 January 2015 Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde is proud to announce South African artists Hasan and Husain Essop’s second solo exhibition with the gallery in Dubai. Where the Essop brothers’ 2011 show served as an extension of their on going concerns with the art’s […]